Ethos, Aims & Values

Our school motto ~ We Grow Together ~ conveys our intention for all members of our school community work collaboratively, supporting each other's growth and development. It emphasises the importance we place in unity, teamwork, and shared responsibility in fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.  MHA is not just a place for academic learning.  It is also a nurturing space for personal and social growth. It reflects a commitment to mutual respect, empathy, and understanding among all individuals associated with the school. Through cooperation and shared efforts, our school community aims to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where each member can learn, succeed, and contribute positively to our society.


Our mission statement ~ By working together and inspiring excellence, we enable our children to excel both academically and in character ~ is a declaration of the reason for our very existence, our core purpose, conveying our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where all in our community work together towards a common goal. The emphasis on "inspiring excellence" reflects our school's dedication to promoting high standards and striving for exceptional achievements, as well as nurturing and cultivating qualities such as integrity, respect, empathy, resilience, responsibility, curiosity and a fascination with our world, so empowering our children to become well-rounded individuals.  In essence, we provide a supportive and nurturing educational experience that prepares our children for academic success, and also for personal growth and development as responsible and compassionate members of society.


Our vision statement ~ Nurturing curiosity, resilience, respect and excellence, our children will thrive and live life well ~ is inspirational, aspirational, motivational and achievable, capturing the essence of what the children leaving MHA will carry with them into their futures.


Our values at Mount Hawke Academy are based on mutual respect and tolerance, and follow the Aspire Academy Core Values of:

  • Aspiration ~ we imagine possibilities and make them real.
  • Self-belief ~ we believe in ourselves - in heart, mind and soul.
  • Passion ~ we dare to be different and follow our dreams.
  • Integrity ~ we nurture trust and respect and do what is right.
  • Resilience ~ we find a way or make a way.
  • Excellence ~ we strive to achieve our absolute best.
All of this links together with our strapline of 'Growing together, aspiring to succeed'.
At MHA, we make great use of My Personal Best from the Youth Sports Trust to develop our life skills, practising the skills to achieve our values.  More information on this important part of our curriculum can be found here ~ Mount Hawke Academy - PE.


We have three key behaviours that are celebrated and rewarded ~  we are ready, we are respectful, we are safe ~ and these values are reinforced consistently by everyone in our school community.

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