Recommended Reads

Which book shall I read next?
As a school we aim to enthuse our child about reading. The following recommendations in the lists below represent a range of genres which we hope will ignite, re-kindle or fan the flames of each child’s desire to read. We have chosen a wide variety of texts, some of which may be less familiar, from authors with a track record in writing high-quality children’s books. Not all the obvious books are here. However, we hope amongst this selection there will be a book or an author that becomes a family favourite for your child. Remember to look at the recommended reads for other year groups too and enjoy browsing.  
Also, St. Agnes Library is a super library to visit and become a member of (and it's free!).  It is a great place for children to get involved with books and reading. It holds regular rhyme time sessions for babies and toddlers, and for older children there's help with homework and access to a wealth of information for research and project work. 
There are some useful websites too and we've given the links at the bottom of the page...