'Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything' - Plato


Music at MHA provides our children with a unique opportunity to express their own feelings and covers the whole range of human experience. Through working practically with the raw materials of music, children develop skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising, developing knowledge and understanding of the subject as an expressible medium. 

At MHA we follow the Charanga Primary Music Scheme and we also work closely with the Cornwall Music Hub to ensure that our lessons are well-structured and stimulating.  We challenge our children to think creatively when exploring different genres of music in lessons and we encourage them to be curious about the differing impacts of types of music on them and on others. Children can be experimental when creating their own compositions and learn to collaborate with their peers.

In EYFS, Music is incorporated mainly within the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of learning. Within Music in EYFS, children learn to listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing their feelings and responses. Children sing within small groups or on their own, increasingly following pitch and the melody.  Within the indoor and outdoor environments children explore and engage in music making and dance, performing solo or in groups and have musical instruments and props at hand to support free play within music. Our children explore different instruments, naming them and learning how the different instruments are played.   The children also start to explore rhythm and feeling the beat through a range of teaching techniques. They learn to sing lots of familiar songs and chants. Developing these skills at an early age prepares our children to then further and strengthen their understanding as they move through school.

We encourage children to learn a musical instrument through Cornwall Music Service Trust (these are private lessons), and each child also takes part in percussion lessons during their time at MHA.

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