'There will always be science, engineering and technology, and there will always, always be mathematics' - Katherine Johnson

At Mount Hawke Academy, we want all of our children to be successful mathematicians, finding enjoyment in, and being curious about, maths. Our maths curriculum has been designed to ensure that our children possess the knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed now and into their futures.  We teach an engaging and accessible mastery approach to ensure that every child can reach their full potential, showing mathematical fluency and working logically, applying maths knowledge to solve problems. 

Concepts are taught in blocks and have been carefully sequenced to enable learners to make connections.  Within each of these blocks we then have ‘small steps’ which are again sequenced in order of difficulty and dependency.  Each step builds carefully from the previous step, building on our children’s prior knowledge to develop new knowledge and skills.  In EYFS, activities and experiences are frequent and varied, allowing children to build on and apply understanding of numbers to ten.

Following our block approach, certain strands of maths are not covered until later in the term.  To ensure frequent revisiting of concepts, we use recap sessions to reinforce learning from previous weeks, terms and years.

Our curriculum is designed to deepen knowledge by building fluency, conceptual understanding and confidence in using correct mathematical vocabulary. Children are encouraged to solve problems through the use of concrete resources, pictorial representations and abstract thinking.

Our maths lessons include the opportunity to develop fluency skills, construct chains of reasoning using relevant knowledge alongside relevant terminology and solve increasingly complex problems in a systematic and coherent way.

Our pupils will be successful and proficient mathematicians, who can apply their maths to other contexts, solve problems, fluently recall facts and reason mathematically, justifying their answers with confidence.

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These documents show the progression through the year groups for the different areas of maths:
Below are useful resources that we have shared at our most recent Maths Morning.

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